The company was founded in 2012 by Alejandro Maldonado (Brother), Oscar Maldonado (Brother), and Alicia Cedillo (Mother). The plan was to take over an old Citgo convenience store/gas station that had been closed in the early 2000’s. After a few months of working on the business plan we reached out to the property manager only to find out that they had just signed a lease a week ago. It was a bummer as this had been a dream for us, this store was literally two blocks away from where we grew up (we spent a lot of time here as kids it was the spot for all the kids to buy trompos, canicas, yoyos, slush puppies ect..). This forced us to take over our first Gas Station in April of 2012 which was the second option on the table. After many ups and downs, we have been able to grow the company from one to three gas stations.

The company is composed of many different backgrounds. Alicia Cedillo comes from the auto parts business (Auto Zone, Oreilly’s) where she spent here last 15 years before becoming the COO of the operation. Oscar Maldonado comes from the banking industry (First Convenience Bank, Wells Frago) where he spent 12 years as a Personal Banker, Regional Sales manager before becoming the CEO of the company. Alejandro Maldonado comes from the Rail Road industry (BNSF Railway) where he spent 10 years as Conductor, Engineer, Terminal Trainmaster before becoming the CFO of the operation.

The newest addition to the team is Alvaro Trujillo who joined us in October of 2021, Alvaro is the youngest of three brothers. He is an Army veteran and at a very young age has taken on the challenge of developing a role of a District Manager.

In-N-Out Gas